Between September 1 and September 30, 2020, SNAP will be offering a special BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotion for cat spays and neuters!

Here are the specifics:  Client must call SNAP’s participating veterinarian, Hometown Veterinarian Services (330) 305-6500 between September 1-30, 2020.  (Hometown will not be accepting any appointments for the BOGO promotion before September 1 or after September 30.)  Client must tell the staff at Hometown that they wish to use the SNAP BOGO promotion. The surgery does not need to be scheduled during September 1 to September 30, but the appointment must be made during at that time.

After Hometown schedules the surgery, client must call SNAP volunteer, Terry, at (330) 484-7898 with the appointment date and she will send client the form that client must take with them the day of surgery.  If the form is not presented at the time of the appointment the client may be charged Hometown’s normal fee. 

Client must bring in the two BOGO cats on the same day, no exceptions. Otherwise, the regular SNAP prices will be charged.

If client has a female and a male the male will be the free surgery since male surgery prices are cheaper. Program prices are $60 for a cat spay (female) and $50 for a cat neuter (male).