Prevent a Kitty Litter Campaign

Beginning in early 2021, SNAP’s new campaign offers a cat spay for only $30 and a neuter for $20 while funds remain!

Call our recording at 330-455-2001 for more information; or call our participating veterinarian, Hometown Veterinarian Clinic at 330-705-8459 to make your appointment. Once you have your appointment you MUST call our SNAP volunteer at 330-484-7898 to get the form you MUST take with you the day of the surgery to get the SNAP price!

This is the perfect opportunity to do a humane, very good thing for the animals! You can prevent much suffering just by having a cat fixed that might otherwise produce offspring in a world where there just are not enough homes!
Remember, one female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in just seven years! So please spread the word to friends and family and co-workers about this very affordable chance to get their cat, a stray, or ferals fixed.